Today is the day to start your business

It is important to realize how much ‘now’ is important. We come from the land of delays and are deterred too easily. Social conditioning pushes us off to the safe zones. Just about anything could deter us – this is such a bad idea, this will never work, somebody is already doing it, but what if it fails.

Let go of the ‘what if’ scenarios – think what if this succeeds? It is important to keep a positive frame of mind. Not only that, even if you fail, there is a sea of learning that you have gained that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Next thing you know, you are working on an entirely new idea.

If not now, when?

We happened to see this brilliant line in a  Forbes article.

Always ask yourself, “if not now, when?” If you can’t answer that question with a specific time, you know the time is now. And if you’re a “wantrepreneur” with a business idea, I can tell you from experience that today is the day to launch your own business.


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