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business ideas for startups

“Woman who follows the crowd will drive no further than the crowd. But the woman who walks unaccompanied is expected to treasure herself in places no one has ever been.” – Albert Einstein

Women entrepreneurs have turned out to be an integral part of the present corporate world. Woman today not only are they gifted to balance the duties of both motherhood and entrepreneurship but they also know the skills of managing an enterprise. Contemporarily, women are breaking the glass and setting themselves free from the traditional, gender-biased protagonists and venturing into the entrepreneurship platform. The past era has seen a histrionic upsurge in the number of women entrepreneurship platform as well as the triumph rate of their inventiveness. From being sectional in the entrepreneurial ecosystem years ago, women today cover 40% of the world’s over-all entrepreneurs.

Contemporarily women today tend to pursue their businesses because of the enormous passion they have for work. Another motivating feature women entrepreneur have is the desire of power. Many successful female business owners are triggered by business ideas for startups to be their boss and run their own business.

Our nation is heading to a progressive space where women entrepreneurship platforms are at par with menfolk in all aspects. Women today are a lot more career-minded, skilled and intelligent. Though the escalation in women entrepreneurship platform in India has been sluggish as compared to other nations, the transformation looks foreseeable. The entrepreneurial capabilities of women in the nation have instigated to influence the economic standup in society. Women entrepreneurship platforms in India are raising their flag high and making their mark in several fields of business-like interior designing, fashion and many more. Starting your own business has involved its own set of risks. Women in India are efficiently managing their house-old while, in secret fostering their dream of being a solo-preneur. Such ambitious women entrepreneurs fight to win.

The women entrepreneurship platform in India has witnessed tough alterations with the growing sensitivity to her role and economic upright in society. Nearly all nations have perceived an expansion in women possessed businesses over the last few years. The three main explanations for a woman to commence business ventures as proficiency, understanding of her scope and flexibility. A woman entrepreneur is an individual who takes on a tenacious role to satisfy her necessities and, in the procedure, turn out to be economically self-sufficient. A woman entrepreneurship platform is a place where a lady can always seek to do something productive and positive in the field of business in addition to deliberating ethics to family and social life.
By the invasion of media and various prospects, contemporary women are recklessly growing from job applicants to job makers. They are creating their inscriptions as interior decorators, journalists, garment manufacturers, fashion designers, etc. and are equally contributing to the country’s economy. Internationally women who are recognized and are more well-known in the business world, womenfolk in India are casing in arrears due to some major boundaries like–lack of confidence, market-focused on risks, social-cultural interruptions, etc. Hence, it is advisable to consult for business ideas and keep these adverse aspects aside and make an auspicious start of your business.

Some business ideas for startup turn out to be indefinite, some are sketchy whereas some are too fictitious to be executed. These economical business ideas for a startup in India are appropriate to start and also allow the woman entrepreneurs to grow their business over time, without leaving their home.

What are the small business ideas for startups?

Some small business ideas for startups by women in India that can also be managed from home are listed as under by one of the best consultants for business ideas:

• Boutique and Beauty Parlor
Even though there are presence of boutiques in any city, the client base of such stores keeps on snowballing every day; as clienteles want improved quality and change in the categories of clothes and accessories they dress-up in. These small businesses only require less investment in training, quality products, and basic gears. One can without difficulty turn a standby room into a cozy beauty salon.

• Fitness Center (Gym)
This business requires a bit of additional investment to set up, but the subsequent profit is excessive. The types of equipment in the gym are exclusive and expensive but are a one-time investment. Since nearly everyone is health cognizant these days, the business will be lucrative.

• Consultancy
If you are sound, cognizant of the market everywhere around you and have a good link of contacts with professionals from various industries, you can set up a consultancy firm and segment the information with others. Setting up doesn’t need much investment.

• Internet Business
The Internet has changed our existence. There are numerous ways to start making money online. One can put their skills to custom and start freelancing on the web writing blogs, articles, and provender websites. As well as E-stores make a lot of revenue if they are promoted well.

• Restaurant
Most women are talented and passionate about cooking. Therefore, this is a good woman entrepreneurship platform business idea that will work for them. Women can twitch their restaurant or café. They can likewise commence a catering or take-away amenity too.

• Interior Decoration Store
According to the consultant for business ideas, Women have a virtuous sense of designing and preserve their homes beautifully, hence they can open an interior designing business.

Guidelines to be followed before you think of business ideas for startups:

Recognize your market and market-slanted towards risks
Research further about your market and competitor’s dominant in the market. Endorse your product through marketing and other popular media networks. Familiarize yourself with the fast-changing sooq circumstances by creating optimal utilization of media and the internet.

Information about financial assistance
It is significant to know several institutions in the financial trade which give their aid in the method of loans, low rate interest scheme, spurs, etc. This will not only help you to get a kick to your business venture but also would guarantee a continuous source of capital.


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