How the BOOM in the MSME sector transform the homemakers into entrepreneurs?

” It is not possible for a bird to fly one wing on.” (Swami Vivekananda).

Lastly, women empowerment is one of the prime goals in the past eight millenniums’ development goals. Walking the path to achieve a developed country’s status, India needs to transform its colossal ladies force into a powerful human resource, which is achievable only through the empowerment of women. The MSME sector and the government have played a major role in transformation procedure of the homemakers into entrepreneurs.

As of today, the Small and medium scale enterprises are considered the backbone for the economic growth of the country, and Women are the pillars of our society. By empowering the women of our community, we can empower the whole nation. Therefore the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) empowers women entrepreneurs with different schemes to help women showcase their capabilities and build their own identity.

The women entrepreneurs have introduced up to 1.39 lakh projects under the (PMEGP) Scheme Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program since the beginning. The startup plans introduced by women entrepreneurs are about 32% of total plans under PMEGP. Under this scheme, women entrepreneurs are considered under notable category and are offered 25% to 35% subsidies for the commencement of their startups in the rural and urban areas.

Not only MSME, but the Government of India has also taken various steps towards women empowerment and safety. Other initiatives like Stand Up India, Mission Indradhanush, Mudra Yojana Scheme, TREAD (Trade-Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development) Scheme, Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Annapurna Scheme, Stree Shakti Package for Women Entrepreneurs, Bhartiya Mahila Business Bank Loan, Dena Shakti Scheme, Udyogini Scheme, Cent Kalyani Scheme and many more have been added to treat the issue of inequality and for the welfare of the women tribe in India.

Obstacles that the women faced during the transformation:

Many of the obstacles lie inherent in the journey of women’s empowerment. For Indian women, empowerment can be an uphill task: they need to balance customs and traditions. While the Indian Govt is monotonously working for the upliftment of women, we need to become aware of their rights, schemes, and benefits that can help women from all the classes to achieve overall empowerment. The central and state government offers the uneducated and semi-educated women-entrepreneurs from rural and urban areas certain benefits of various schemes to help them start or run a company. There are many apt examples of the women who have availed various grants for small business startups under the scheme of the Indian Govt. stakeholders. The story of two women entrepreneurs- Priyashri Mani and Nishita Vasanth, who established their own business in Pali hills, Kodaikanal district of Tamilnadu, is one of them. With logistics as the main hurdle and the honey harvesting, the duo ascended their operations by hiring more women tribe and finally established their brand ‘Hoopoe,’ a startup that harvests honey. Delivers honey to your doorstep. The story of these women gives an insight into the growth of women entrepreneurship in the country. Women are playing several roles extending from homemakers to changemakers and entrepreneurs.


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