From start-up to success

The need to experience multi-level roles in your business in order to succeed

Building a company from scratch is a challenging task; it requires extensive industry research, connections, and know-how of the market. But the bigger challenge is in setting up the organisation and operations, and making sure it functions smoothly. One of the easiest ways (and perhaps the most stimulating too) to get the ball rolling is to rotate through various grass-root level and leadership roles.

Experiencing a range of individual roles and understanding all the responsibilities that are attached with each designation is crucial and highly beneficial in the long term.

Establish common ground

By being involved in every process early on, an entrepreneur can convey their vision at every step and work towards it with everyone. This ensures that all the employees are on the same page and understand what needs to be achieved in the short term as well as long term.

Efficacy in communication

When an entrepreneur works at the basic level, he or she understands the industry jargon better and find ways to communicate the same in a simpler format.

Increased empathy

Experiencing a variety of roles creates empathy for the person working in that role – the entrepreneur understands the nuances of the job, knows the challenges involved, the obstacles and probable solutions. This also helps them identify the exact requirements of the job profile and gives them a realistic picture of how much can be accomplished in one day, one week and one month. Deadlines, as a result, become realistic and employees respect the empathic behaviour more than anything.

Build a friendly rapport

Working with your employees on the same level, being a part of the team creates a friendly and respectful rapport, making an entrepreneur a better boss and a manager. It also gives them an insight into specialised roles which they might not be qualified to carry out.

Smoother operations

This model of leadership also helps entrepreneurs understand the nature of inter-relationship between departments and various operations leading to smoother functioning of the whole organization.

Analytical and solution-oriented approach

Problem solving also becomes easier. After having experienced different roles in different departments of their business, an entrepreneur is able to dissect a situation or problem and look at it from various angles to arrive at a solution. If there is a problem in department A, an in-depth knowledge helps the entrepreneur realise that department F may have a remote solution for it.

When a first time entrepreneur embarks on a mission to make his or her dream come true, it is important that they have complete understanding of how their business functions before they hire people to take over certain roles. This also helps them identify and recruit the right person to fit the role and in the process, win the respect and trust of their employees. In the words of Ben Horowitz, looking at the world through such different prisms helps separate facts from perception.


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