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“Everyone desires to be their boss and the women entrepreneurship platform specifically empowers the women tribe to do so.”

The women entrepreneurship platform brings all women entrepreneurs together to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where women do not have to face any gender-biases. This platform inspires women’s tribe to be their own boss. And aims to motivate more and more women by helping them with the best business ideas for startups. The WEP majorly aims to help our nation in creating and empowering a dynamic new India.

Women tend to seek their business is because of the massive passion they have for work. Another inspiring fact women entrepreneurs have is the desire to regulate. Many successful female business founders are prompted by business ideas for startups just because of their desire to being their boss and run their own business. The business capabilities of women in a country like India have prompted to inspire economic standup in society. Women entrepreneurship platforms in India are levying their flag high and making their mark in various arenas of business-like setting up a restaurant, interior designing, fashion and many more. Starting your own business is complicated because setting up a business has its own set of risks. Women in India are smartly dealing with their house-old while, secretly accomplishing their dream of being a solo-entrepreneur. And for the fulfillment of such a dream, we have a Women entrepreneurship platform.

The (WEP) Women Entrepreneurship Platform, is a government of India driven initiative under NITI Aayog, is a platform proposed to encourage entrepreneurship amongst women in India. Women entrepreneurship platform empowers registered women entrepreneurs to access support services provided under this platform through its partners and connects all registered women entrepreneurs with other such aristocracies, industry experts, and consultant for business ideas which will guide you with the most suitable entrepreneurial ideas.

The push towards the women entrepreneurship platform is proposed to build an ecosystem for women across India to comprehend the business ideas for startups, entrepreneurial objectives, scale-up advanced initiatives and chalk-out sustainable, long-term approaches for their enterprises.

The women entrepreneurship platform in India has gone through very hard alterations with the advancement of sensitivity to her role and economic upright in society. Almost all the nations have recognized the expansion in women getting influenced in businesses over the last few years. The three main explanations for a woman to start with the business ventures are skill, understanding the scope in that walk and flexibility. A woman entrepreneur is an individual who takes a persistent role to satisfy all her necessities and, through the completion of the procedure, she turns out to be economically self-sufficient. A woman entrepreneurship platform is a platform where a female can constantly hunt to do something productive and positive in the arena of business by reflecting ethics to family and social life.

This women entrepreneurship platform initiative promotes women entrepreneurs by collaborating with various organizations. These organizations offer industry connections and support women entrepreneurs, increase the prominence of existing schemes, programs, and services across government and private sectors. This platform is growing a national database through a centralized portal for registration of women entrepreneurs. This platform is wide-spread throughout the nation and provides evidence-based policy endorsements to bring advancement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Consultant for business ideas will help you in finding the best entrepreneurial opportunities for women by making them realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, scale-up their innovative skills, and chalk-out sustainable, long-term plans for their businesses. To provide support and mentoring to women entrepreneurs in India, the consultants for business ideas at the women entrepreneurship platform have partnered with several ventures and industry bodies including NASSCOM, CRISIL, SIDBI, and many others for the benefit of the women entrepreneurs. Some business ideas for startup turn out to be indeterminate, some are sketchy whereas some are too fictitious to be implemented. Women should choose the best suitable business ideas for a startup in India to start and let the business grow over time.

Women entrepreneurship platform helps the women entrepreneurs to face the major challenges, and they are as follows:

  1. Incubation and acceleration

Women entrepreneurship platform helps the women entrepreneur to develop their startup idea from the ground-work to proper establishment of business.

  1. Compliances

Women entrepreneurship platform has aligned with organizations to offer services to the registered female entrepreneurs. The aim is to empower women entrepreneurs with the essential tools to furnish accounts, follow the legal agreements and get registered.

  1. Financial grants

Through the help of the associated partners, women entrepreneurship platform has to offer several financial grants. These grants are offered to the registered women free of cost or at reduced rates. These financial grant services include access to seed capital, expand capital, information about all the related schemes. The grants over women entrepreneurship platform also help with line of credit support and non-credit support to women entrepreneurship platform registrants.

  1. Networking and marketing

Women entrepreneurship platform, with the help of their associating partners, offers networking and marketing support at the early stage of establishment of the startup business founded or co-founded by women entrepreneurs and helps them as forward as well as backward associations, helping them in connecting with the market and scale-up their businesses.


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