Wake Up Like A Winner

How and when you wake up is critical, because that’s going to affect the rest of your day, week maybe. It’s all about the mind-set. So if you’re looking to maintain a positive and go-getter attitude in life, following some simple and effective morning rituals will help boost your success rate.

1. Leave the curtains undrawn

This is one of the simplest tricks to wake up early and get a head start on your day. As soon as the sun rises and hits the eye, one naturally awakens and bounces up bright and refreshed. Switch off your mobile devices the night before so that’s not the first thing you reach out to. Meditate, jog or exercise for at least half an hour before indulging in a full and healthy breakfast. An all green vegetable juice will give your energy levels an added spark.

2. Make a daily to-do list

Check all your emails and messages on your way to work. Respond to all which you can and write down a to-do list in an order of priority. Catch up on the morning news or a little reading while you’re travelling. Getting to work an hour earlier and having some quiet time to yourself also helps you accomplish a lot.

My personal advice, always write down your to-do lists in a diary instead of recording them on your mobile devices; it’ll help you remember your tasks better and will give you a sense of accomplishment when you strike them off.

3. Work on the hardest thing first

If you have an email, or a report, or a speech you’ve been dancing around for days, work on it the first thing in the morning. Maybe use that extra hour at work. Working on something with a clear and fresh mind makes the task easier to accomplish.

4. Work on personal passion projects

Balancing work and personal life correctly means dedicating enough time to passion projects; not just on the weekend, even during the week. Whether it’s writing, painting, creating music, baking or starting a new business venture, make sure you dedicate some of your morning towards it. This will help you stay motivated and positive.

5. Spend quality time with family

Do not under estimate the power of a hug or a heart-warming smile from your parents, children or partners. It calms down the nerves and immediately puts one in a better and happier frame of mind. When you’re happy, everyone around you is happy and that reflects in the work you do.

Different things may work for different people. You just need to find out what kind of a morning ritual works for you best and stick to it. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise’ and you’re truly never going to understand the wisdom in these words unless you live them.


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