How Did The Top Inspirational Women in India Succeed?

The country is empowered when the women of the country are empowered

“The country is empowered when the women of the country are empowered”

In a developing nation like India where women are usually neglected in the normal working of the country, some of the highly determined women have managed to climb the ladder. These powerful women encountered tough situations, challenges, and struggles, and made their way to the list of top inspirational women in India. This has not only facilitated the society economically but has also done a lot in terms of showcasing the hidden talents that a woman possesses.

India’s most successful female entrepreneurs of today are confident enough to venture into all the industries, be it education, finance, travel, fashion, e-commerce, trade, fitness, Human resources, and many others. Women are reaching greater heights with unbridled enthusiasm to make the world a better place, to bring about transformation with their ideas, seek solutions to the problems that have never been sought, fight for diseases and social norms, undertake successful ventures, create employment for many, and give rise to new sustainable ecosystems.

In India, women are lagging behind because of the comparative absence of economic prospects and negligible involvement in the process of decision making. Educational backwardness is another main cause for the disparity between men and women. The contribution of women in the qualified and technical workforce is very low. This is why several organizations concerned with the growth of women, considered women empowerment as a solution to these problems. The experts of economic development have considered entrepreneurship development as the best approach to empower women. The entry of women into business and entrepreneurship is a very big leap forward from their previous activities in the kitchen where they were mostly dealing with 3Ps, viz., Pickles, Powder, and Pappad. Women in India jumped into business because of pull and push factors. Pull factors indicate the aspects which boost women to start an occupation or venture with a desire to do something and become self-sufficient. Push factors indicated those aspects which compel women to take up their own business to solve their economic problems and tackle their responsibilities. The budding awareness of entrepreneurship and education amongst women over the years is the reason why women in today’s scenario have started shifting from the traditional 3 Ps to occupy the modern 3 E’s, i.e. Engineering, Electronics, and Energy. They have excelled in these activities.

Gone are those days when women used to hesitate to start their own business because of the fear of not being able to bestow sufficient time to their families or due to lack of resources. In their quest to contribute to global wealth, female entrepreneurs are abolishing all the physical and mental barriers that were holding women back from being the top players in today’s world.

The global economic environment is changing rapidly around us. However, among all this, some things never change. The capabilities that make a woman successful remain pretty much the same, and India’s most successful female entrepreneurs are proof of that. In a nation where women are still subdued and face several socio-economic challenges, the top Inspirational women in India are examples of how determination, drive, creativity, and compassion can make a powerful recipe for accomplishment. India’s most successful female entrepreneurs have proven themselves to be role models in various fields. As they continue to fight all the difficulties to reach higher positions, they are destined to inspire millions of other women who are fighting their environs across the country to follow their path and realize their dreams. This is why we call them “powerful” women. They have the power to make a big change in the world and inspire many others by taking the road which is less traveled.

Customarily, the Indian woman was only a homemaker. While there is unquestionably nothing wrong with being one, the modern Indian woman is now proudly flaunting the other sides of her personality. A woman is a powerhouse – struggling for her rights and making her mark in politics, business, science, sports, the arts and in society on the whole. Women prove that they can take care of their business on one side, and their family life on the other. This is the prime aspect of a balanced work life.

Like the rest of the world, India is experiencing the start-up boom as well. All you need is an exceptional idea, the mandatory know-how, a sound business plan, start-up finance and the inclination to work hard – and the execution of one’s dreams is definitely a possibility which we have experienced by India’s most successful female entrepreneurs. They have reached greater heights because of their hard work and perfect execution of management and business techniques.

In this golden age of start-up booms, globalization, and digitalization, India is seeing a revolution and India’s most successful female entrepreneurs are contributing to this. In this contemporary scenario, women entrepreneurs do not belong only to the recognized business families or from the higher-income sections of society, they come from all walks of life and all parts of the nation. Women across India are converting their dreams into reality with willpower and diligence. It doesn’t stop there. Women are now breaking the glass ceiling in reality. From successively managing sports media firms to construction businesses and security and detective agencies – women are venturing into fields that have customarily been strongholds of male domination. Being a businessperson isn’t easy. Start-ups come with their own set of difficulties and issues. Women as entrepreneurs have a higher foothill to climb, far more problems to overcome.

First and foremost, India’s most successful female entrepreneurs have to deal with gender bias. India has been a male-controlled culture in the past where the role of women was demoted largely to domestic responsibilities. Even though the status is varying quickly, there is still a long way to go before we accomplish gender equality in the rightest sense of the term. The inequality between men and women has always shown its face but when it comes to entrepreneurship, women have more burdens to tackle. Even today, the top Inspirational women in India have to continuously fight male egos, sexism, and misogyny to show their caliber and capability. They have to fight the idea that women cannot accomplish what men can whereas this is far from the truth.


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