India’s Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs

India’s most successful female entrepreneurs

How did India’s most successful female entrepreneurs manage to overcome the gender inequality?

Empowerment of a woman is crucial as the thoughts of women and her value systems lead to the development of a virtuous family, respectable society and finally a good nation.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Can gender inequality exclusively be held responsible for past systems of the corporate sector led by men? Or is it a matter of enterprises not offering space for women to progress and bloom?

Gender differences within the roles of entrepreneurship have been built over generations. Stereotyped and male-dominated beliefs have been encouraged and developed by non-inclusive working practices and customs. The effort to overcome barriers of male-dominance in the entrepreneurship sector is being determined to overcome by some of  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs.

How did  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs  close the gap of inequality?

The gender pay gap is questionably the main barrier between women and their graph of careers. It has been formerly deliberated that the absence of women in senior executive positions is because of the lack of encouragement.

The role of  top women entrepreneurs in India  has transformed radically for the better in the past few years. Latterly, there has been a prominence on empowering  female entrepreneurs in IndiaTop women entrepreneurs in India  are now overtaking the entrepreneurial positions which were earlier engaged by the male tribe. The gender biases which were more predominant in the society years ago is now breaking gradually.  Female entrepreneurs in India  are bringing a distinct set of viewpoints to solve the problems that can enhance the superiority of the result. Today,  top women entrepreneurs in India  convey an exclusive set of experiences and issues that can aid in making decisions and enhancing the superiority of the choice. Here are a few of the key reasons why we need the  top women entrepreneurs in India  and how it can strengthen the nation economically, socially and culturally.

Importance of female entrepreneurs in India:

  1. Economic Growth: The inflow of women in the entrepreneurial sector has led to substantial economic growth and efficiency. While more women have pursued and got employment in larger numbers, their contribution as entrepreneurs is very less. There are very few  female entrepreneurs in India,  who are showcasing their potential to contribute towards novelty, job creation, and financial growth has been unused yet.  Top women entrepreneurs in India have the exclusive tendency to shape and uphold long-term relations.  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs  have an impressive communicational, organizational and networking skills than their male counterparts which have uplifted them to a level. A report by Goldman Sachs states that “Enabling   female entrepreneurs in India,  predominantly, paybacks future generations because women incline to spend more on their kids’ education and health, which should boost efficiency as well.” Inclusively,  female entrepreneurs in India  are an account for enhanced economic growth and solidity within the nation.
  2. Narrowing Gender Gap: Even after years of efforts toward forming equality between men and women socially and economically, the gap between them remnants large.  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs inspire other women to commence businesses. This can root to more job opportunities for women which will eventually help in dropping the gender gap in the workforce. Because of  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs,  the next generation of womenfolk is more likely to compete with their success. The reduction of the gender gap in employment will upsurge global pay per person by as much as 22% by 2030.
  3. Company Culture & Safety at the Workplace: Creating and preserving a strong and positive work culture in the enterprise is a pre-requisite for the growth and enduring accomplishment of any enterprise. Research states that women entrepreneurs tend to have a progressive work culture, high ethics, and transparency. Female entrepreneurs have better relationships with their employees vertically as well as horizontally. Women have struggled for an elongated period with how to sustain a work-life equilibrium, so it is no wonder that they can run enterprises keeping all these issues in attention and resolve them for their employees. The organizations run by female entrepreneurs in India allow time with flexibility and emphasize the health and security of women employees. Also, an entirely new cohort of young & poised women is contemporarily stepping out to work in a larger number than ever before. Their security should be the biggest concern and must be on the topmost precedence for any organization. 17% of  female entrepreneurs in India have faced sexual harassment in the workplace. These numbers can be higher and don’t replicate the authenticity as this spectacle is something most women, as well as organizations, are loath to report or talk about. Many organizations not even have a complaint cell for the same. organizations lead by the woman are more penetrating to women security matters. They can transform a strong and transparent reporting mechanism so that there is no shame involved in the reporting of sexual harassment.   
  4. Funding/Investment to Women-led StartupsStartups are anyway a difficult game to enter in to, regardless of your gender biases. However, the investment/funding rates for female entrepreneurs in India are very less than it is for men. Capital access is critical for the sustainability and enduring growth of any small enterprise.
  5. 5. Social Change: In countries with low GDP, entrepreneurship can offer a way out for women who face hardship with new opportunities.  Female entrepreneurs in India can lead to an incredible social transformation, making women economically empowered and independent. That can upsurge the confidence level and happiness in women, as the satisfaction of accomplishment and independence can boost their self-worth and overall well-being. Broadly read triumph stories of  India’s most successful female entrepreneurs  can boost and attract more women to the field and show them the way. Indian Trade Houses require more female officials and the economy needs more  female entrepreneurs in India  because more assortment in the boardroom leads to improved and stronger business.

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