Importance Of Resilience In Women Leaders

Resilience plays a vital tool, particularly for women who look forward to sustaining leadership success. The reason resilience is considered as crucial for women is relatively obvious: the pace and intensity of working lives, societal pressures, and gender bias, the extra responsibilities of a female’s home lives, including the emotional burden of household and family management that many women also tend to carry.

Women are half the educated labor force and earn a large number of today’s advanced degrees, yet, women are still dismally backward in titles, promotions, and advancements.

Having the ability to be resilient—bounce back, regroup, lead, and inspire others—is an important characteristic that could decide if a woman propels professionally or gets carried over for career opportunities. Some women seem to be born resilient. Some develop skills that can increase their resiliency aptitude. Capability to pass all the hurdles and still focus on staying on top of our game takes awareness, understanding, and action. Without this mindfulness, some incredibly bright folks become so rooted in negative thinking that nothing can assure them there is hope or possibilities.

The decisive choice of resilience

Your resilience depends on how you respond to everything in your life. It is all about being aware that things will continue to annoy or frustrate you, and not everyone will like you or your ideas. You should be smart enough not to give away your power, which means paying attention to thinking and adjusting according to the situation.

Few steps to boost your resiliency:

Revamp your attitude. Attitude is responsible for your success and failures. When you cultivate the belief that inner courage, not events, affects achievements, it will enable you to bounce back no matter what.

Comfort yourself in being uncomfortable. To grow and become more resilient, one must get used to being uncomfortable. Once you settle on that, it is more comfortable to disagree or speak up or any other.

Build your support network.

The more you get allies at work, the easier it is to solve problems when things get challenging. Display empathy, communicate with kindness, and always try to help others. The simple act of focusing on helping others empowers individuals to be more efficient in your endeavors.

Be thankful for the things you have. Be appreciative of things, even on worse days. You have so much more than You realize, and that awareness can put things in attitude.

Take time for yourself.

Find some time to reenergize, regardless of your tight schedule. Taking a break can also reduce your stress, stimulate your immune system, enhance cognitive performance, reduce your heart rate, boost your energy, and balance your cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

“Power of resilience.”

Resilience is the skill that empowers women to represent the qualities of leadership. Women often have the superimposed burden of proving their proficiency while facing challenges of life. Meanwhile, a year marked by a global pandemic that has challenged almost every aspect of life, leadership is constantly tested. Ameera Shah, managing director, Metropolis Healthcare Limited, flagged her way forward amongst the 25 business leaders on the 2020 Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen. She has demonstrated her mettle in these difficult times. When the nation was in lockdown, she swung into action. Her diagnostics lab was the first private-sector company to get government approval for Covid-19 testing. Metropolis labs operated around the clock, meeting the demand for tests, with staff working overtime amid a nationwide lockdown. Since taking over her father’s pathology lab in 2000, Shah has grown Metropolis into one of India’s biggest listed diagnostics services operators, with 125 clinical labs across 210 cities nationwide. The Metropolis group shares have now escalated approximately 60% over the past 12 months, moonshining her family’s fortune over $600 million.

Empoweresss is also an initiative by the Metropolis group to empower budding female entrepreneurs by providing seminars, workshops to spread awareness about the new ideas and solutions for business management. Empoweress offers aspiring women entrepreneurs various platforms to come together and share their knowledge, struggles, problems, and solutions.


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