Impact of Social Media on Women Entrepreneurship

Importance of social media in business

“Role of Social media in business is irreplaceable, as it helps the businesses to grow their brand awareness and customer base.”

We live in a more modern age, where everything and anything happens online – there is a massive emphasis on the importance of social media in business. As an entrepreneur, you might agree to the idea that social media is not desirable to better your business because you believe that traditional marketing techniques will do the job, but this is not the truth anymore. A social media presence is essential for any business for multiple reasons. Through this post, the initiative of the Empoweress group is to educate women entrepreneurs about the importance of social media in business.

Women never had an easy path to enter the land of entrepreneurship and gain economic independence. Traditionally, women have been discouraged from working or building their independent businesses. But eventually, contemporary women are beginning to find success by building microbusinesses that rely on online tools like social media. Indian women in particular rely on social media for attracting the attention of new customers – 63% of these enterprises use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for promotion. The role of Social media in business allows female entrepreneurs to connect not only with other women who are building businesses but with their idyllic customers.

Internet and the use of social media in business has made entrepreneurship newly accessible for millions of female entrepreneurs around the world. Last year, 163 million women became entrepreneurs and commenced businesses. Women are gradually stepping into their power as the culture shifts to be more inclusive.

Importance of promoting business on social media

An elevation in the use of social media platforms has opened up excess of opportunities for women who are willing to work independently. It has been a blessing in disguise for all those women who have the potential to do things differently. Role of Social media in business has thus played an important part in empowering the women tribe economically. Upsurge in the importance of social media in business has brought a step closer to bridging the gap between tangible floating ideas and their smooth implementation. Here are a few ways in which the use of social media has benefited women entrepreneurs immensely:

Forming easy networks and connecting with customers has become easier: Traditional forms of marketing was dependent on investing a lot of funds and managing all the expenses by itself. Social media on the other hand, has brought more effective ways of marketing. Marketing campaigns can be easily managed with the use of powerful social media tools. It allows easy collaboration with other entrepreneurs and building one’s own social network has become easier.

Direct interface with customers can lead to increased engagement: Nothing can compensate the importance of directly building one’s market through social media channels. With increasing importance of social media in business marketing, brands can directly share their offers, product updates with customers to boost their experience.

Increased collaborations can lead to huge profits: Building loyal customers through social media platforms can be a monotonous task in hand. Women entrepreneurs can connect with larger community of businesses to diversify their networks. Role of social media in business includes collaboration that can be extremely helpful in this regard as it can lead to an increase in the online presence of a brand.

Here are a few statistics which will give you a peep into popular social media platforms and its usage:

Facebook – 97%

Instagram – 90%

Pinterest – 80%

YouTube – 75%

Twitter – 69%

LinkedIn – 67%

Snapchat – 45%

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that women have transformed from being ‘technologically challenged’ to being ‘tech savvy’ in a very short span of time. The techniques to branding their own talent on social media have given female entrepreneurs an opportunity to discover other options of empowering and financially-securing themselves.

How women make the right use of social media in business for its successful growth

The importance of Social media in business is because of several reasons. First of all, it’s cost effective. On some social media platforms, women can organically influence their target audience and find new clients without paying for expensive ad campaigns.

Women entrepreneurs use social media in a business like a branding tool. By posting consistently and sharing everything from product photos to testimonials, the role of social media in business is to build trust and customer loyalty using social networking sites, often sidestepping the requirement for exclusive marketing campaigns. Several brands have primarily made their success with targeted marketing campaigns that feature real women and the struggles they face.

Savvy female entrepreneurs know that the use of social media in business today can serve many purposes simultaneously – marketing, branding, and even customer service. Here is the importance of social media in a business to help you build your customer base and pilot your business to success:

Connection and engagement: Make the use of social media in business to connect with your ideal customers. Engage with your customers directly, ask their feedback, and get to know them.

Customer service: The role of Social media in business allows you to respond quickly to customer’s complaints, questions, and feedback.

Advertising: Many social media platforms offer low-cost advertising options, and that is very effective.

Branding: Make the use of social media in a business to develop a voice and visual for your brand through content like photos, videos, and posts.

Research and data collection: In today’s data-driven world, you can gain a competitive edge by using social media to cluster customer information and study your competition.

Trend tracking: The importance of social media in business is to keep up with trends. Hashtags, keywords, and other trends are easy to monitor on social media.


It is believed that men are more tech-savvy than women, but contemporary women have realized the importance of social media in business and have proved it otherwise. “Profits do not differentiate between men and women.” So, women are also constantly in search of the best tools that are required to stay ahead. Female entrepreneurs are also looking for ways through which technology can help them gain an edge as well as assist us with understanding the logistics of running a business.


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