About Empoweress:

The term ‘Empoweress’ is a portmanteau of the words ’empower’ and ’empress’ that signifies women of worth, power and status. An empoweress is in reference to a woman that is passionate, driven and endeavours to empower women world over.

From an urban outlook, women have constantly been on the backburner when it comes to leadership, with increasing gender disparity in terms of both pay and rank. In rural spaces, women are an untapped potential devoid of opportunities with lesser platforms that help in honing their skills. Furthermore, the prevalent gender parity aggravates hurdles such as pay-gaps in the patriarchal society.


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The aura around Ms. Shah is magnificent. Just sitting opposite someone as dynamic as her feels like you have landed in the right place. I have been honored and blessed to be mentored by Ms. Ameera because her experience & journey has been remarkable. She is a straight forward and an honest critic and that is exactly what one needs while learning and scaling the business. I have always looked upto her as a role model in every way and meeting her for the first time was my 'fan girl' moment. She is an incredible personality and she is the perfect mold to shape young & upcoming entrepreneurs.

Tanisha Fagwani

Founder, EFG STORE

Ameera spoke at our Angel Summit and adressed about 200 young aspiring women entrepreneurs. The audience had a spectacular time during her talk. Her willingness to share her time and expertise was critical to the success of the summit. “We need to hear more from speakers like Ameera. She made her journey relevant to all of us.”

Sita Pallacholla

Founder, Angel Summit




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