Importance of Mentorship in a Business Endeavour

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Learning is constant, no matter what echelon one achieves in their careers. There are numerous skill sets and kinds of knowledge available about different industries owing to the research advancements in the past. One has the option of choosing precisely what they might want to learn. Another way of understanding the world is through experiences, most undeniably. Although, sitting idle for decades can also be counted as experience, it is often characterised by usefulness. Experiences can be garnered by understanding what people have to say and then by using one’s own rationale to validate or invalidate them. In business, one might feel disconcerted or insecure naturally when handling the responsibility of employees and investments, during which, a mentor’s wisdom could be vital.

1.     Never be unsure of a decision:

When managing a million dollar business, being extremely sure about the implications of every decision is of paramount importance. A single judgement about crises or investments can convert into thousands and millions of rupees, and therefore, one person’s understanding of the scenario alone can possibly result in unforeseen consequences. As Steve Jobs once rightly said: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become”. Nevertheless knowledge about the industry and market also work in an entrepreneur’s favour in terms of understanding the risks and strengths of business. A mentor definitely brings in more to the plate by contributing a thorough perusal from an external perspective.

2.     A different point of view:

Although it is not advisable to take someone else’s word for the truth, a holistic comprehension of the variables and consequences of decisions in the distant future is critical. After intense consideration of different perspectives, it becomes easier to see the larger picture and move away from merely looking at the pay-offs, and instead gauge the long-term out-turns as well.

3.     Learning never stops:

Every individual has something unique to be observed or learned from, regardless of the designation or industry they function in. Individuals, who think they know everything, will mostly remain stagnant even in business. For example: stress-free, playful and curious attitude of a child are remarkable traits that can be adopted to enhance one’s creativity and freedom of thought. It’s often beneficial to acquire positive traits from individuals rather than disparaging what one may dislike. Constructive perceptions are way more helpful than negative criticisms.

4.     Advice for business growth:

An external perspective is a much better approach to understanding one’s company and its tread. As and when more information about the operations of other industries is gained; vertical as well as horizontal growth can be strategised well in advance and in an intricate manner. When theoretical plans don’t sync in practically, a mentor’s guidance becomes fundamental.

5.     Networking:

People are an entrepreneur’s biggest resource. Networking is indispensable and everyone has their own ways of building it. There is hardly a need to be conscious or calculative about relationships, as genuinely comprehending people becomes the only way to have reliable contacts. However, a characteristic understanding of human behaviour and a friendly attitude are initial steps to be approachable. The knowledgeable individuals whom you think can be trusted are the ones who will slowly but surely stick around to be mentors.

Business is many times a combined endeavour since individual decisions can lead to rash outcomes. Thus having a mentor could be a great way of being sure about business moves and stay on an assured, rational path in your venture.


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