Six Step SEO Guide for marketing your start-up

role of social media in business

So you have a website for your start-up and are all kicked about getting insane traffic? But you won’t see the needle move for a while. Your site will need a lot of content; a lot of tweaking and SEO implemented well to see rankings and traffic go up.

Get your keywords right

Use the help of Google search console to get the right keywords for your business. Use sites that help you analyze your peer’s site to get more idea on what will work for you.

Use analytics

Google now allows you to link your analytics to your search console. This is the best way to know your best performing pages and accordingly promote your best content.

Keep it simple

The simpler the content, better for your site. Your customers should right away know what you are talking to them about. This will help improve the bonce rate of your site as well, which has a stratight effect on your SEO.

Post relevant content

To attract new customers, you need to post relevant content. It not only helps in acquiring new customers but also helps in keeping the website active. You can also get good backlinks if your content is relevant and authentic. This in-turn helps in boosting the ranking of the website.

Being responsive is essential

Gone are the days when your site was static. You need a website that will adapt to any kind of device; desktop, mobile, tablet etc

Use link building and Social Media Marketing

Both of this will help you augment your content and SEO efforts. Link relevancy is the key in figuring out which sites are best linked to. Various tools like Mozbar allow you to quickly determine if the link is good or bad. Having good quality links is more important than simply having huge quantity of links. You need to figure out your social networking channels that will benefit you the most. Doing some market research will help in understanding which social media channels you need to target and where your maximum audience lies


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