Why Entrepreneurs Need to Take it Slow

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Start-ups were at their epitome, during the end of last year. One in ten people wanted to start a venture of their own, instead of working for another’s company. Investors were also expanding their wallets and opportunity was rampant. Today, we have seen start-ups that have risen way beyond their initial value, growth that has been exponential. On the other hand, we have also witnessed start-ups that touched the drudges in just half a year’s span. Fast paced growth for entrepreneurs could be a check point for various reasons. Change has to be thought out well, and in perspective. Taking into account how a minute change can play out over the years, is crucial. Below are quick pointers that every entrepreneur must bear in mind.

  • Aggression vs. Patience: When starting up, while it is understandable to have some amount of excitement, it is also necessary to strike a balance between emotion and ambition. Emotional stability is a significant aspect, one that brings equilibrium to the inner self as well as to the organisation. Aggression is the easy way out, but patience is very crucial. Every decision must be patiently weighed. Risks must be gauged. One requires thinking ahead of themselves. In such situations, having a mentor definitely helps. Remember, quality of service comes before quickness in delivery.
  • Self-awareness/self-assurance: An entrepreneur needs to give enough time to self-reflect on his/her decisions. An ability to think over one’s decisions can help realise a lot of aspects to the situation that one might have missed out in the first go. Having an assurance about one’s course of action can lead to more confidence in execution.
  • Look before you leap: A single mistake can leave one cleaning up the mess for more than seven to ten years, this I speak from my own experience. Although profits may seem alluring, before hurrying into expansion of one’s company, always watch out for the loss that might be incurred. Once something is already built, losing hold over the existing forte is a terrible step. It’s simply because what is already built has existing value and the planned expansion is only in the form of an idea. Things might always flip around when it’s time for plans to come to action, however sure one might be of its success. Always make sure plans are fool proof, by avoiding even a moment’s ignorance.
  • Don’t get too worked up: Lastly, I would say, never be in a hurry. Take some time to relax and love. Have pets, play music or plan an adventurous trip. Make sure to do the things that make you really happy. They are the only exercises that will help the mind function in the right zone to be able to take further decisions.

When life is throwing lemons at you, it’s only because you can take that bit of sourness. Slow down and really enjoy both the sweet and the sour during your journey. It’s only the journey that will remain with you after the climb is achieved.


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