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“Scholars believe that women’s  evolution leadership development  plays a huge role and is one of the momentous contributions for the development of the country. Without the equal enclosure of women in leadership and development, women would not be able to benefit or contribute to the development of the nation.”

A shift towards  women’s leadership and empowerment  development is in progress. Bridging the gender gap is no longer a conversation centered around complaints and inactivity. Gender equality and women’s  evolution leadership development  are in a full swing with a wide-spread awareness. Gender inequality within the role of   women leadership and empowerment  has been made over generations. Stereotypes and male-dominated cultures have been fostered by non-inclusive employed customs and practices. But can the existing gender disparity solely be held responsible for past systems of corporate society led by men? Or is it a matter of industries not offering space for  women’s evolution leadership development  and thrive in?

In recent years, there has been attention on  women empowerment training  and women-oriented mentoring spaces. As leadership is a core activity, companies should facilitate women empowerment training policies to develop leadership qualities which is the best for woman’s  evolution leadership development.

Women empowerment training  is a transformative way that drives to provide knowledge, methods, and tools to grow skills and to help the woman to make changes in their attitudes and behaviors. The training procedure is a continuous and long-term process that involves will and commitment to recognizing the need to promote gender equality.

Women empowerment training  is a tool, tactic, and means to upshot an individual’s collective revolution towards gender equality by spreading awareness and encourage learning, knowledge-building, by providing women with various provisions of skill training. This training will help the society to understand the importance of maintaining the balance that gender plays. Women empowerment training is for the women to know the vitality of  evolution leadership development.

Women’s empowerment can be achieved by several factors, by empowering women with educational opportunities, participation in the political aspects and indulgence in economic opportunities and micro-credit programs. There can be several forms of empowerment required by women according to their needs and necessities.

Women empowerment training can also be considered as a missile for lessening poverty. Since achieving independence, poverty has been dominating in India. Women’s leadership and empowerment can be well-defined as giving power and authority to take her own decision in every aspect of life, like household, economic, social, political, etc.

Is  Women empowerment training  indispensable for sustainable development?

Women empowerment training  is for attaining gender equality and that is indispensable for our society to safeguard the sustainable development of the country. Many world leaders and scholars have argued that sustainable development is impossible without gender equality and women’s evolution in leadership development. Sustainable development includes environmental protection, social and economic expansion, and without women empowerment training,  women would not feel correspondingly important in this procedure of  women’s leadership and empowerment  as of men. It is widely believed that the full participation of both men and women is required for the development. Only conceding men’s contributions will not be valuable for sustainable development. In the context of women’s evolution leadership development must embrace more choices for women to make on their own. To attain gender equality women leadership and empowerment can bring a social change in the country.

How to close the gap

The gender gap is debatably and the main barrier flanked by women is career advancement. It has been formerly discussed that the lack of women in senior executive positions is due to the lack of encouragement. To a solution to it, there are three powerful strategies under which a  women empowerment training  should be given to close the gap between men and women:

  • Digital Articulacy: The most important barrier in the procedure of  women empowerment training.  The extent to which people use digital technologies to connect, learn, and work is incredible. The digital industry offers countless occasions that if connected, could significantly empower women in the workforce.
  • Career Strategy: This says about the need for creating a strategy that helps in developing women’s leadership and empowerment through women empowerment training. So that women can also aim high, be informed about various career choices, and manage their careers proactively.
  • Tech knowledge: women empowerment training should also help a woman to improve technical skills that can advance women in the workplace and help to reduce the gender gap. Careers with technical background offer full-time work, with higher career advancement in high-paid corporates. Through the procedure of advancement, the value of tech-knowledge is increasing and will soon become a necessity.

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