Best Inspirational Women In India

What challenges did the inspiring Indian personalities face a decade before?
“We have some of the best businesswomen in India among us today. Apart from being amazing at their jobs, and occupations – these women have broken barriers and came out stronger than ever as the inspiring Indian personalities. “
Things are way easier for women today than it was before the 21st century. There was a period when ‘feminism’ and ‘women empowerment’ was not even coined. In the past, women had to struggle a lot to break the so-called ‘norms’ of society and achieve what they were truly born to be.
There is no force more powerful than a woman who resolute to rise. Glass ceilings, patriarchy, gender pay gap, sexist workplace policies, and just male source of pride — a lot of encounters come across a woman’s path of success, but many inspiring Indian personalities had the power to succeed against all the odds.

Challenge of gender inequality:

Gender differentiation had been continuously imposed in our country. There had been a stereotype view of gender differentiation by considering man as the one who will look after the house in financial terms by going out working and earning for bread and butter. On the other hand, a woman was asked to be at home, cook meals and take care of the family. Nevertheless, gone are those days, as women play a more important role in society today. There are so many inspirational women in India with a fruitful inspiring success story. These influential and inspiring women’s personalities have worked hard to run from rags to riches becoming a role model for the women tribe.
Women empowerment is one mode to get the underprivileged as well as the level headedly privileged women to realize their talent, power, and potential to face the male-dominated society.
Empowerment of women has been one of the most significant movements in India, and many inspiring Indian personalities have proven themselves as the building blocks. With their pure desire for work and their excellent performances, they are a true inspiration for everyone.

The contemporary women of India are in search of an ideal and best inspirational woman in India from whom they can get inspired in their life. In our country, at present, many famous inspirational women have done some remarkable and courageous work in their life to be an inspiration for others. Most of the inspirational women in India are known and respected all over the world. The best inspirational women in India are historical figures, and most definitely, all of them will be in the memory forever. The women tribe should take a lot of inspiration from these empowering female entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs of today are contributing to unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly. Be it in the field of e-commerce, teaching, investing, travel, fashion, retail, fitness, hiring, and anything and everything under the sun, they are going on with the initiative and enthusiasm to transform the world around them. They are trying to make a difference with their thoughts, fight various health and social norms, lead a successful venture and create employment for many, and upsurge the growth of new sustainable ecosystems. All the top businesswomen in India are scripting their own success stories in today’s modern age world.
The strength of a woman is indeed immeasurable. Once she makes her mind to accomplish something, no one can stop her. These are the lessons that people should acquire from some of the best inspirational women in India. With the help of this blog, the initiative of the Empoweress group is to inspire and motivate other women in their entrepreneurial journey.
The top businesswomen in India had snatched the opportunity to grow and made the best out of the opportunity. By looking at the numbers, between 2018 and 2019, the firms owned by women had increased by 48%. Over the past decade, the number of firms owned by a womanis budding five times faster than the national average. The women entrepreneurs are making a significant economic contribution in fields like hair salon owners, high-tech visionaries, and everything in between. The list of top businesswomen in India below consists of some savvy individuals who have confronted several challenges:

1. Indra Nooyi, (PepsiCo)
IndraNooyi, born in Chennai, is the most well-known face amongst the top businesswomen in India. She held some senior positions before joining PepsiCo. In the year 1994, she joined PepsiCo and was named the president and CFO in 2001. For her business achievements, she has been deliberated with prestigious Padma Bhushan and encouraged India’s corporate leadership. Within the last couple of years, she has facilitated her business to accumulate the deals worth 30 billion dollars.

2. Suchi Mukherjee, (LimeRoad)
Suchi Mukherjee is the founder of LimeRoad, e-commerce, lifestyle, and accessories website established in the year 2012. She got an idea of establishing this when she was on maternity leave. She established the base while she was working for companies like Skype and Gumtree. Limeroad is dominant in the market and is conquering the world’s lifestyle products at a huge percentage. It is consequently making a mark in the social e-commerce span in India.

3. Vandana Luthra, (VLCC)
VLCC has its existence in 11 countries of Africa, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), and Asia. VandanaLuthra, born in Kolkata, West Bengal, at first, was a homemaker. She started her journey in 1989 when the first child was only three-years-old. She had an excellent knowledge of beauty, skincare, fitness, food, and nutrition. Her hard work and passion awarded her with the Padma Shri in 2013, and in 2015, by Fortune India, she was listed as the 33rd in the top businesswomen in India.
These women and many others have been a massive wave, and they have shown the world that with willpower and determination to succeed, nothing is impossible.


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