About Empoweress:

A wave of entrepreneurial instincts has hit many youth, who see themselves as budding business tycoons of the future. Every day, men and women from different walks of life jump into the pool of infinite possibilities and challenges. However, owing to the age-old gender disparity existing in the industry, women entrepreneurs are doomed to confront twice as many challenges, as men. Thus, Empoweress was born, with the aim of breaking the stereotypical and patriarchal perspective of society, and help women entrepreneur withstand these challenges.

The journey of an entrepreneur is already a roller coaster ride, but when the word woman is added to it, the ride becomes even more challenging. Here’s where Empoweress comes into action by supporting aspiring women entrepreneurs to reach their goals. From capital investment to different resources, Empoweress provides everything that is required to fuel their ambition.

The tides are gradually turning, and today, women no longer takes a back seat to their male counterpart’s success, but are driving and thriving on their own, in every field of work and life. We have come quite far, fighting against the orthodox notions of the society, but sadly gender inequality still prevails. The pay-gaps, glass ceiling, and lack of finance continuously disrupt the growth of women entrepreneurs. In order to remedy this, Empoweress aims to mentor such women who are struggling with psychological, emotional, and spiritual trauma and help them establish their own identity. It also helps women proudly hold their own in the constant battle of proving themselves and establishing their self-worth.

Ameera Shah

What does Empoweress signify?

A portmanteau of the words ‘empower’ and ‘empress,’ Empoweress signifies power, status, and passion. An endeavour to empower women globally and eradicate the prominent negative stereotypes, Empoweress is truly a place built to help women fly high! In light of this, its motive and mantra, that it lives by, is, ‘Standing tall against gender disparity!’


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